Doll, The Doctor and the Shell (1/2018)

Dr. Sue was a doctor.
Dr. Sue was a man.
Dr. prescribes,
‘If I ran the circus,
I’d have boom bands.’

Dr. Sue says boom bands.
Doctor says soon you’ll start happening.

The shell spoke of attics.
Shells reading on a beach
Imagine chalk arrows as
Children tell us where to go.
Sidewalks follow.
Always know where it ends.
They always know where to go.

The shell carries a beard and speaks.
He shows us there’s more to see.
He says goodbye as
He leaves his tree.

Somewhere, I was younger.
These three wrote to me.
Doll, Dr. Sue and the shell.
I didn’t know them, but they knew me so well.

Doll talks of giants in the corner.
Giants and the peaches.
Evil teachers, she gets bored and
She’s flying, Penguin reaches.
In the movies at least.

Teachers are flying.
Circus boom bands.
He speaks of sidewalks.
They know our plan.