Tell Stories (1/2018)

Listening to raindrops.
Look up to the sun as they stop.
You start to speak as we roll to the top.

While windows skim
The wind comes in
And out of your mouth
The story you told me about
Lonely mermaids in the snow.
Frozen there, while winter glares
Until the sun walks in.
Ice softens, flakes meet water.
Sheds some skin.
She re-begins.
She learns to swim again.

Tell stories, I’ll listen.
Roll up the windows and listen.
Late at night I listen.
I look and I listen.
I’m up. Like windows, I listen.

Our terrain changes
Like we’re on another planet.
Like it was how we’ve always planned it.

Mermaids moving a movie.
We begin.
Like characters after the credits end.