Into This Area (2/2018)

Saturday morning parking thoughts.
Hi, my mind was cooking,
Bye, my brain was shot.

Cement these trees, planted beneath.
What did you find when looking?
Why did you forget to leave?

If I could sink into this area
Like a singing canary,
I’d ask them all up for a walk
Or maybe a cup or two.
Singing because we never learned to talk.

Do they think how I sing?
Will they understand me?
I find out time to time.
Don’t believe what I see.

Went sunshine walking on my car
And my feet were burning.
Man, my knees walk far.

You’ll get old and leave what you’ve got.
Growing, part of learning.
Forgetting, part of not.

Believe it from me.
Sing what you see.
Sunshine beneath.
Understand me.
Cooking a thought.
Forgetting what’s not.