We’re All Set Here (Wash) (2/2018)

Certainty slices through the air.
Certainly nicer than what’s there.
They never really seemed to care
So why does this really matter?

A little breakout chicken.
All mopped up and unaware.
A card. Two fingers in the air.
We’re all set here.

Honestly, no one seems to care.
Honesty sits alone over there.
You think what you’ve found is rare,
But none of this really matters.

Power move into the driveway.
We’ll live here, he’s right there.
And backing out of the driveway,
We’re all set here.

Why does none of this really matter?

A pickle at a brewery.
Have a dip in the desert.
Throw me the book because
We’re all set here.

What matters is what really matters.
The coast is crystal clear,
We’re all set here.