Yesterday Arrives (2/2018)

When yesterday came, I got so confused.
My eyes realized how much one man could lose.

Started feelin’ a little crazy.
I could fight, but what’s the use?

When yesterday came, I thought I’d lost it all.
Man, I came apart, but I didn’t fall.

Gathered pieces of my pieces.
Gather thoughts, head to the ball.

When tomorrow leaves, I’m gonna start a new week.
When tomorrow leaves, I’m gonna get a little sleep.

Probably do a little dreaming.
Probably count some little sheep.

When tomorrow leaves, I will wake up feeling fine.
When tomorrow leaves, I’m gonna drink a little wine.

Probably do a little gleaming.
Probably bounce on back and shine.

When tomorrow leaves,
What if yesterday arrives?
I won’t need to worry
With these people by my side.