Walk In The Park (2/2018)

In my madness, I stretch my legs at night.
Say, ‘they’re so crazy, in the park with no lights.’

He leaves shadows, his stride into my mind.
Says, ‘it’s so crazy.’ It’s peaceful, it’s mine.

Over the world, he walked ‘til he lost fights.
They get so crazy. Brake lights from behind.

For days and days and days he,
Under airplanes and daisies,
walks ‘til he takes flight.
‘Doesn’t seem so crazy.’
Nothing screams too crazy –
Nothing, in my mind.

In his secrets, his shiny little lies.
They’re just so crazy, keep them locked up tight.

Watch me reset, make a little time.
He’s just so crazy, he’ll never rewind.

Over the world, that wild little child.
He went so crazy, he finally caught fire.

I didn’t see a clock.
I didn’t have the time.
Nothing’s ‘too’ anything.
Nothing’s ‘too’ anything,
In my mind.