Kick the Fire (3/2018)

We walk through the weather
Writing our own book.
And you look like the ocean,
Waving as I look.

The cards are in the music.
The dealer’s gone to hell.
Don’t care about the prophets
We’ve heard that they’ll do well.

Backyard, mansion, dancing.
Buzzing, the birds and the bee.
Pigs on two feet.
When owls can’t fly,
Cows kick the fire and we’re all alright.

Sand from broken castles
Hides between your toes.
As you walk up your mountain
And no one seems to know.

In back with the whole circus,
The people we keep near.
Rooster’s on the cymbals,
They’re celebrating years.

Stolen prophets.
Roosters really care.
Cows kicking fire.
This Arizona air.