Stamp the Sky (3/2018)

Looking out from her rooftop
As her life walks right by.
Sees stairs to her ceiling,
She’s always wanted to climb.

Drawn feathers on her shoulder,
Green eyes, a quick smile,
She colors the sky.
Stamps purples with fingerprints.
Colors clouds so bright that
Even when it’s dark,
There’s still a little light.

And she’s never worried about the lines.

She stops, soaking the silence.
How could it all be wrong?
She says, ‘When I’m with you,
Today is never too long.’

She wound up on a rooftop.
She’s a stone, skipped through life.
And she steals the evening
While hearts are committing crimes.

But she’s never worried about the lines.
Colors feathers with her fingertips.
Walks right by.
She walks right by.