Speechless Stories (3/2018)

Those you spend your time with,
That is where you’re going.
Get left speechless and turn it into a story.

You’re a little work of art, aren’t you?
Your mama colored you in.
Stayed in the lines,
Little too perfect now, aren’t you?

Go to work in my head, won’t you?
One of those and two of these,
Maximize deficiencies.
Little too perfect, work. Won’t you?

Spend the night with the sun, do you?
Rubik’s cube, circles and swine.
Cubicle, weekend, your time.
You never leave yourself, do you?

You keep one little lie, don’t you?
Hidden roots, dance through with grace.
Ballerina, so straight faced.
You do believe yourself, don’t you?

Subways felt the city breathe.
You left me speechless
And turned me into a story.