Picture of Baltimore (4/2018)

I lost myself in Baltimore.
I went out walking,
My thoughts didn’t carry their own weight.
I thought a walk before the night got going would work.
I walked alone.
Didn’t know where I went.

I had a cup of coffee,
A couple of smokes
And a talk with myself,
But nobody listened.

I went out walking in Baltimore.
One crow in my ears near the park.
It was dark.
I went out walking
And I was already lost.

‘I know I have it within me.
Not sure I can do this without you.’
Angels couldn’t believe the latter.

I remember every turn.
Store. Me. Corner.
You’ll run the show, nobody will know.

You don’t see it.
Take a picture, take it all.

I passed myself sitting on a corner.
Praying for change.
I was out talking to me,
Tearing a hole in my twilight.
Nobody was listening.

Move them slow,
Nobody will know.

I lost myself in Baltimore.
And you just took a picture.