Diving Board (4/2018)

I walked across my brain today
While I was crossing the street.
I walked outside the lines today,
They watched me from the back seat.

I talked about the day today
While I was stacking ice cream.
I talk and don’t know what I say.
I taught me all that I’ll need.

Sometimes I set sail to see,
See what I’m gonna be.

Make this plank a diving board
And then I’ll learn to swim.
Untie my mind and have some more,
Tomorrow I’ll begin.

I walk out to sea.
I wade endlessly.
At least that’s how it seems.
Lose my feet,
I’ll blend in with the stars.

I built a rocketship today
While it was raining outside.
Old quilt and cushions, fly away
Out past everything I’ve ever tried.

I spent a lot of myself today,
Then I went flying alone.
When I let go in outer space
Somehow I feel like I’m home.

Hold your breath in outer space.
Somehow I feel like I’m home.
Yeah, I’ll blend in with the stars.