Easy Intrigue (4/2018)

Chase a ball on a field
Spin old earth on a wheel.
You’ll be like your idols,
All your fallen idols.

Write a book, make it real.
Your ideas that people steal.
They’ll be like your idols,
They’ll never get to idle.
They won’t have the key.

It’s everything I’ve ever done.
It’s everything that I’ll do next.
It’s everything I would have won.
It’s everything’s easy.

And I don’t forget.

Lifetimes ago I told you that I’m never done.
It’s never enough.
Can’t create enough.
Cleanse my palette,
Scrape it up real rough.
Moving on’s not giving up.

I think back.
I don’t look back.
Maybe I went back?
Slow me down.
Fast forward, now
I think I’ll slow me down.
Just for a minute.
Get me back on track.
I think.

Nothing’s not easy.
Please, please appease me.
Please, something intrigue me.
Please don’t make it easy
Or I’m worried I will leave it.

Nothing comes naturally.
It’s all so natural, you see?
It all feels like nothing,
The day-to-day to me.
My nothing’s the stuff of dreams.
But, dreams aren’t what I want to be.

It’s not easy if I think about it.

Can’t do if I think about it.