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In the coop, she’s the queen.
She runs everything.
Spends right now running circles.
Little shoes sparkling, the sun.
She doesn’t care about anything we’ve done.

She says the stairs don’t work.
She sees, points, says ‘come here.’
She sees the slide and she wants to jump in.
A little help. See, the slide is broken.
Can’t jump,
So she asks twice for some help with the fun.

Climbs up the slide.
Yeah, she’s sliding up the stairs.
Runs in circles, two skips and jumps in.
Hair meets a little electricity.
Little circle, little feet next to me.

Tapped out and trapped in.
Didn’t get a nap in.
Big day takes it’s toll.
She’s done, it’s late, she rolls.

Four wheels through her jungle.
Pays no mind to the people.
People dodging purple,
She rides with one empty seat.
She finds its time to take her home.

A fish with limbs on the glass on the door
says, ‘you don’t want anymore?’
Asks us if you like it.
Summit the step and steal the show,
Walk under all of the people you know.
Little queen like she’s seen on the big screen.

Smile. Little. Louder.

She calls it early,
Says she’s over the scene.
She leaves people being people.
Leaves to be a queen.
Brings her blanket down the hallway,
She says goodnight and goes to sleep.

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