Elephant (New to Me) (4/2018)

If I sit here.
If I stare there.
At the elephant in the tile there.
On the table here.
Unfocus, no thought, there.
City’s breath blows hot air.

If I sit here
And I don’t try to stop thinking
I will stop thinking.
Be back to the tusks on the tile there,
While I’m here.

While I’m here
I hear nothing and that is everything to me
Right now.
While I’m here
I might as well breathe.
New to me.

I’m new to me too.
Different these days,
Yet somehow back to my old ways.
My good old ways.
The good old days.
Just one thing missing.
The one thing that still pushes me.

I am open.
I let myself in.
I look around and I let me begin
Can’t think of a thing to stop me.
So much has tried to stop me.
I feel like going and never stopping.

See, this city’s not there.
In focus, a thought blares
Oh, elephant here
On the table, tusks in the tile there.
And I stare there
As I sit here.