Funny Thing (4/2018)

I listen, loud, while I live so softly.
I move so slowly, you think that you caught me.
Though, I know you’ll never keep up.
I know you’ll never change.

Keep up.

You speak so loudly while planting your lies.
You’re so about you, I see it in my eyes.
I know so much more than what’s in my head,
It’s gonna sing to you so soon.

Keep up, don’t lose me.
I’m down here and I know what I’m doing.
It moves so slowly.
You think that you know that you use me,
You think I have no plan,
But my plan is planned – it’s a story.
Plot line:
Glory and praise. Center stage.
Can you keep up?

Try to keep up.

I’ll move so slowly, you can’t keep up.
Ahead and behind in the same second.

You smiled at me when I was getting knocked down.
Funny thing – I fell, I never hit the ground.
I fell so far, so far inside.
I taught myself how to rise.

Try to keep up.
Keep keeping up,
Can you keep up?

I’ll drive you insane when I think you need it.
Starve your soul, then teach you to feed it.
When you wake up, will you waste it?
It’s always been up to you.