Maybe It’s Ours (5/2018)

When I’m alone in a cloud,
I’d rather be with the people.
When I’m surrounded by the people
I find I’d rather be alone.
People get so loud.

Why can’t I be in the same place as myself?
Miss you a little more than I miss me.
I am here and I am gone.

There’s never traffic
When I don’t really wanna get there.


There’s never silence
When I really wanna hear myself.

Get so used to it before it starts to change.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s the air.
Maybe it’s ours, we just never learned to share.

It’s not nothing, you’re just unaware.
I know that when you lose it,
You’ll feel how much you cared.

Sit in a cloud, wishing for the people.
Alone in a cloud, just watching all the people.
And I am not alone.