No Longer Prey (5/2018)

Garage, basement, close to bottom,
Try to save a little face.
Forgotten, all those days we spent,
Though, we recall how much we paid.

We aren’t like the others,
Looking for their little ways.
We were up so early.
You were playing, like, a Slave.

These people are so small.
These people, they basically crawl
And nobody thinks for themselves
At all.

They crowned themselves kings.

These people pray and they’re lost.
No longer prey, what I saw in you.
Then it hit me.
When I heard you, it hit me.
We go his way, we go right to go left.

Small town kings sink to the bottom.

I only saved you,
Because I knew that you’d save me.
It was getting early,
You were playing, like, a Slave.