Orange (5/2018)

Don’t talk to me.
Not the way you talk to yourself.
Go outside for a while.
Go way outside for something else.

Slow down, for me.

Spent time with me.
Quiet, chatter. Talks with myself.
Went outside for a while.
Outside myself for something else.

How’d I get out there?
How’d I get in here?
Where did that all go?
How is it I know?
Orange has never been so not loud,
So quiet as it grows.

Went there, where it’s different.
Went way out there to hear myself.
I walked on water for a while
And saw my thoughts on the top shelf.

I fell, crawled and then flew.
I fell in from outside myself.
Now, back by the water for a while.
Erase the past and all it’s dealt.

Slow down. For me.
Erase the past and start myself.