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You couldn’t have waited?
Nobody was ready for that.
Two years ago today
I was excited to see her.
Nobody was ready for that.

I still get excited to see her.
To hear her.
Have her here.

Who picks who leaves?
I need to have a few, no, two words with you.

Fuck. You.

You took her before I met myself.
Or lost myself.
Talk to myself.
You rocked my world.
Stole my anchor.
I haven’t been the same since.
Right now no matter who’s around
I feel alone.
I know I am not
And I know feeling is different than knowing,
It’s just how I feel.

My brain’s too strong.
I think too much.
My heart’s too strong.
I care too much.
Strong things don’t break, they shatter.
Not me.
Well, me.
Every six years, shatter
and then I’m back together.
Put me back together.
It’s so much work, but it’s worth it.

Why not hit me now?
When I’m so close to finally not down.
My heart’s the strongest I’ve seen
And I’ve seen every piece of it.

So much work it’s worth it.

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