Life In A Day (5/2018)

A lifetime is a day.
Each evening is a breath.
Did you waste any sunsets?
Did you get enough rest?

Each city is a stop light.
Every risk, a step.
Each postcard is a letter
Or a promise that you kept.

Who did you spend your time with?
How did you spend your day?
Did you do everything you wanted?
Did you say what you wanted to say?

Tell me,
How was today?

Angels meet angels. It’s art,
Emotion, a new tattoo.
Whenever you’re feeling lost,
Just a stop to tie your shoe.

A bad year, a bruise.
A song, a single note.
Were you happy with your breakfast?
Did you get some peace and float?

Did you make the most of your afternoon?
Smaller people’s mornings too?
You do know, the stars could shine through very soon.