Morning Armor (6/2018)

She is a warrior.
Her eyes are heaven.
She is not fearless,
Her dream’s never broken.
She’s a worn out angel,
One day dancing.
Outside, a song in my head.
By My Side but she’s not right here.

I slowed down.
Tried to take it all in,
Walked so far past the past to now.
And I smiled,
It all works out.  

She’s a knight in coral armor.
Coral, worn-in armor in the morning.
She’s a night that saves me.
Don’t know how or why, she saves me.
Her smile hasn’t lied and
She’s the night that I dreamed of.
The knight that drove me
To dancing outside,
My song in their heads
Take a ride, but she’s not right here.

Sunshine, baking on a rooftop.
On a different rooftop.
Not the nighttime rooftop.
Broken, hood, baking on a rooftop.
Her eyes smile.
It all works out.