By The Sky (6/2018)

Do I live in the past or am I from the future?
I don’t forget things that I’ve never seen.
Real reels tangled, cut scenes.
Why do I know the things I do?
I can’t start. I only start.
I don’t think I give up.
Only always think, I give up.
I give up and then get it together.
Got issues, they’re amazing.

Thoughts travel.

I am so smart. I know nothing at all.
I don’t know how I made it.
I always leave me waiting.
Smart. Heart. Art. Start.
Smart does nothing.
Heart has never lied.
Art is hearts that have something to say.
Start me now, I’ll lead the way.

Too much is never enough.
Not enough is way too much.
I am focused and I don’t know what I’m doing.
Never known where this road goes
Or how much your God owes,
Wiped me out and watched me grow.
At least in my imagination.

I don’t sleep so I drink coffee,
Hoping one day I’ll catch up to me.
Someday, somewhere, everywhere.

I am so far ahead.
Broken promises, dreams aren’t broken,
Haven’t happened yet.
Oh, I can’t wait
And I will wait.
I’ll stay out of my way.
Out of my mind.
I am so far behind.
I’m still so amazed by the sky.

Run, walk and crawl,
I will take my time.
At least in my imagination.