Handle Sunshine (6/2018)

Maybe today’s my lucky day.
I found a wishbone on the way home,
But nothing ever came true,
It all just hit me. Out of the blue.

Three feet bouncing across the street.
The sound of going, on the way home.
Wonder why things happen.
Why do these things happen?

Oh, little spout, tap my brain.
Too much sunshine or too much rain.
Twist the handle, pull the chain.
The plug. A glug.
Watch out, child.
Watch it drain.

Today. Today’s a sunny day.
Thought I found a break on the way home,
But it was still broken.
Always something broken.

These days don’t go my way.
I’m going west, they’re on their way home.
These days won’t find me.
These days will be behind me.

Oh, little man, mop my brain.
Too much sunshine or too much rain.
Old hands, handle all the pain.
At night it lies
Like a child.
I am drained.

Show me how to open my eyes.
Show me how to do all the things
I’ve always known how to do.