Made-Up Rain (6/2018)

Half past rain in the park,
The drops were all on cue.
They swirled in circles with us,
It was like they knew.

Made-up rain in the dark.
The drops were right on time.
And from the ground, they got us.
Snuck up. Water spies.

Instinct shows.
We’ve learned what to do when a cloud rolls in.
We’d go, but we’d rather save ourselves.
Sleep through dreams without a net.
No what ifs, only remembers.

Made-up clouds in our mind.
Today, we didn’t have the time.

Well planned raindrops landing.
Dropping where they want.
Pick their place, parachute now,
Further than they thought.

Slowed down rain with our ears.
Saw drops with such short lives
Hit a sound above a crowd
So nothing always rhymed.

Clouds in our mind.
This one’s yours. That one’s mine.
We won’t make the time.
Made-up rain, behind.
We stormed through the rain.
Instinct shows that we never have to know.