Emerald City Blues (7/2018)

I am a lion. Courage, my desire.
Afraid of heights, my life out on a wire.
Dogs show men who preach they’re not liars.
A curtain brought a tin man a home.

I am no tin man, I have only heart.
I am no scarecrow, they think that I’m smart.
I’ll bring you a broom. I’m ready to start.
Live in tornadoes, searching for home.

Somebody tell to me how to click.
I’d like to leave this city, quick.
Find me some bricks, I’ll paint me a road.
I’ve been here too long and I’d like to go.

I have no map.

Up in your balloon. Down here, alone.
A smile can bring a lost boy home.
‘I didn’t realize I thought that out loud.’
Technicolor writer throws one out to the crowd.

Few taps.
Five words.