Denver to the Desert (7/2018)

The leaves changed with the terrain.
Leaves left and came with the terrain.
We listened to the Cities during sunset here.
Years ago.
So I gave it a spin in the dark.
Thought of you and then everything.

Her crazy drives me wild
Her insane makes me smile.
Maybe she just amazes me.
It’s been forever since anything has.
Will you wait for me?

Right now, to me, love means everything.
The weight of waiting.
Find peace in creating.
What does what you do mean to you?
What does it bring to you?
What means what love means?
It feels like everything.
What means more than what love means?
Nothing. It’s everything.

Paul and June were singing songs about waiting.
The day was fading.
Tom was breaking, but it’s alright.
Tires weren’t moving, I was tired.
Fading. Feeling crazy.
Let’s go.

Make me question me and then learn.
A lesson with myself without a chalkboard.
Relax, water and breathe.
Hope I get to me in time for you.

Leaves left hours ago, I did too.
All these things we’ll overcome
Before we find we’ve just begun.
In my head, I’m already in bed
And I’m not alone.
We’ve had so many beginnings.
I could have sworn I took this turn already.
In my head, I’m already in bed
And I know I’m not alone.