Past The Mountain (6/2018)

Torn up plans, loading your whole life.
Move it over the mountain
And always take your time.

Tattooed ants carry so much life.
Moving over the mountain,
Where they won’t have to hide.

So many valleys.
Carry so much weight,
We always bend, we never break.
Why would we stay here?
Carry so much weight,
We work for nothing with no breaks.

Know, still go with no brakes.

Find the ocean, find the sea.
Find a leaf and follow me.
Weave commotion, we’ll be free.
We will leave and live a dream.

Artwork, ants moving their whole life.
Disappear, past the mountain,
With everything tonight.

Art. Work. Ants search for their old life.
Somewhere past the mountain,
Know oceans never lie.