Warrior (7/2018)

His thoughts walked while he took in the lake.
Delayed, walked deep, deep, his dark ocean.
Beneath sleeping, steeping emotion.

Up to now, a roller coaster.
Never been afraid of roller coasters.
Never knew why he never liked roller coasters.
Until last week when he remembered.
She took his fun.
His joy in excitement.
He was young.
Old soul molded on a roller coaster.
He had no rails and he made it.
Had no rails and he just arrived.

Today, right now, by the lake.
Not worried by that night by the lake,
When she took all his time.
Nearly 30 years of his only time.
She bet her whole life that he’d never remember.

Hid all your tracks, erased any traces
And you tried to cover both of your faces.
He needs no tracks. He needs no traces.
We will find you, send your mind to the races.
No more pacing.
The race is already over.
He won. Have fun.

Side by side we’ll smile.
Slowly drive away.
Driving you insane.

He went in, he found you.
You got caught.
Look out.
Three more times than we first thought.
He now knows how to speak and people believe.

Maybe she’ll lose some sleep now.
He’s been up for 30 years now.
Maybe she’ll run from me now.
Like he ran for 30 years.
Into the ground.
How’s that sound?

Stolen ski mountains of youth.
Questioned things he knew he knew.
Childhood fields never lined up.
White lines, lies, goals, gifts never felt lined up.
Everyone knew, now knows, his name.
Lakes and water aren’t the same.
He will always eat you up,
How could you?

Shut your shades and hide your door.
You’ll see him once and never more.
Unless you sleep. Or think.
Look at you, how could you?
Hurricane. Your brain more than gusting.
Trust me.
He is free.

He takes in more than a lake.
Listens to June’s words in July.
He is found and cleared to fly.
Stepping off this roller coaster.

Take him on a bunny hill.
Take him down the rails.
He is free,
Trust me.