Oven (7/2018)

Third story, oven,
Looking out at the trees.
Thinking of things I thought I would be.

Dust swirling, oven,
Castles latched on the breeze.
Traveled at night, so far from the sea.

When all the dust settles, we’ll laugh about this
Over coffee and wine.
I dream of smooth sailin’.
Leon’s singin’ Shine.

Over coffee and wine
Inside, out of this oven.
Leon’s singin’ Shine.
Outside, out of this oven.
Dream of smooth sailing.

Rain falling, oven.
Little lakes in the wind.
Rinse me. Fill us up, we are worn thin.

Green sunset, oven.
Your color’s in the sky.
It makes me home and it takes my night.

When all this dust settles,
Old puzzles over coffee and wine.
It’ll be so easy,
Everything will shine.