Ball of Twine (7/2018)

Widowed paws, pause – no Stop.
Play with my mind.
Cats, skylines, women,
Songs scratch this little ball of twine,
It’s mine.

Sax stranger, drive me wild.
Play with the night.
Love, roses, women.
Pick me up and leave it behind,
It’s time.

He spent his own money
For a little more of his time
And I didn’t park where I wanted to.
Our poems sang, spoken in the same spot.
Thank you,
For a little more of your time.

Years ago, stood right there.
Jammed with a knight.
Time, no dimes, women.
Fly away, it wasn’t my crime.
My life.

Stella sang, soul so blue.
Played it just right.
Storied, Wolf, women.
Fix it up and make me feel fine

Thank you for your time.