Karen (7/2018)

Karen, you carry us up the road to the show.
Karen you’re scarin’ us – we don’t wanna slow.
A spring in the mountains and we’ve got to go.

I’m right behind you and you’re waggin’.
Karen, you’re so white. Karen where’d you go?
Karen, out of sight. Karen in the snow.
Karen, thrive for miles.
Karen, be easy.
Karen, drive us wild.

Karen, carry cakes through the city,
Deliver daughters smiles.
Karen to get sushi. Karen, go get wine.
Karen in the driveway,
Karen on my mind.

Karen takes her time,
Pitstop. Houses of her youth.
Karen brings memories and Karen carries life.
Karen’s songs set the mood.
If I see Karen, I’m always alright.

Karen, take it slow.
Karen, trail of flames.
Don’t smoke, Karen, you’re smokin’.
I doubt she even knows my name.