Stories in my Mind (7/2018)

I read a book where it wasn’t all easy,
But I’ve always liked making up
Better stories in my mind.
The way before is now behind.

Ahead of a head and it’s always easy.
Yeah, I always tend to tell me
Better stories in my mind.
Why I left those books behind.

Time falls, rises, circles.
Time climbs on arms so small, it might be standing still.
A little slower and almost over the hill.

I don’t know,
Last few days I’ve felt finally full of joy.
I don’t know, maybe go get lost in Illinois.
Nobody knows what we know and I don’t know how.
How so quiet can get so loud.

We make up stories.
Circle so small, it sometimes stands still.
Time’s climbed so long, it’s over the hill.

Shine up my soles and I will walk away clean.
I stroll down rough roads singing with
Better stories in my mind.
All those years get left behind.

Fine leads to down and down finally leads to mean.
Mean dreams to be happy, it will.
Better stories in my mind,
All the books they cannot bind.

All of those pages are lies.
Got better stories in my mind.
Made better stories with this life.
Walk bigger circles and I take my time.
Maybe we’ll go get lost.