6 to Space (7/2018)

I drive in the sandstone, my mind in the sea.
I climb to your rooftop for a little peace.

I go to the city, sit down by the bay.
I go up to heaven to tell him about my day.

People floating outside this window
Get taken wherever the wind blows.
Pay no mind to what they say,
The weather’s deciding this today.

So, I walk through water, swim all day and night.
If I can find my way through me,
I know we’ll be alright.

I go to the cafe just to watch her breathe.
I go to the alley, she sits down with me.

I roll up two windows. The six to outer space.
She is my co-captain – singing, guiding, grace.

People flying, floating outside of this window.
Leaving, laughing, growing glow.
Hold my hand, we’re headed way out there.
Dripping sand, building kingdoms and breathing.
Floating on fresh air.

My mind in the sea. She sits down with me.
Tell him about my day. Six to outer space.