Silence City (7/2018)

Gotta leave this city, man.
This city’s killin’ me.
Gotta find some balance, man,
I can’t stop spillin’ me.

Gotta find cool sunshine, man.
This sunshine’s killin’ me.
Gonna take a walk out there,
Get lost and then get free.

I can’t touch the ground here,
Though I thought that I’d been found here.
Let’s get lost, let’s fly.
We’ll hit the sand running, you and I.
No more coming down
When we’re finally always on the ground.

Gotta leave this silence, man.
This silence is not peace.
Gotta put myself out there
When I can hardly breathe.

Gotta find some patience, man.
This time is killing me.
Follow dreams while you and I
Unravel into we.