Weather and a Woman (7/2018)

Where is my ship?
Who moved my shit?
Been sleeping nine to five.
Seems something isn’t right.
Got too much on my mind.
Weather and a woman.

How did I slip?
Who touched my shit?
Been grinding five to four.
So busy, I need more.
Open my heart’s front door.
Weather and a woman.

Confusing, hot, complicated.
Used to be not complicated.
Love, dance, run. Favorite months.
We don’t go out there these days,
Those afternoons, they’ve sailed away.

Sunshine gets complicated.
I swear today and I melted.
Miles away, don’t touch my shit.
If we want it, we’ve already won.
Weather and a woman.

All of my chips.
Deal me more shit.
Been yearning for a smile.
Brought home like it’s in style.
Rock with me for a while.
Weather and a woman.

Fell on a blip.
I lost my shit.
Been years since I had it.
Screens projecting static.
Stuck up in my attic.
Weather and a woman.

Where is my ship?
Love, up in this attic.
Love up in my attic.
Make silence, not static.
Sweet dreams, not static.
I always thought I was melting.