Fixing Buttons (7/2018)

I couldn’t stop and I couldn’t go.
Time is nothing but more, or less, time.
And what if it ends tomorrow?

We never know what we’re gonna be,
But, we can be more than what we can see.

What’s obvious to others, I don’t heed.
‘Til I topple down to find me in me,

If I drop this, what else will I not need?
How’s it been so long that I couldn’t see?
Up and down, then crawl and climb.
Elevators drop a step sometimes.

Things are bound to happen, no reason or rhyme.
My roof caved in and I thought I was fine.
Trapped in the air and I couldn’t just be.
No parachute, down. Yet, somehow, you caught me.

I couldn’t stop and I couldn’t go.
It was right there and I didn’t know.
Fixing buttons day and night,
One step down before I rise.