Follow Me (8/2018)

I slipped off my plate.
I could see right through it and couldn’t get to me.
I was leaving and I was late.

Swallow one white dot and you’ll be right.
It’ll bring a storm, you’ll never even know it.
Hope you have a raincoat, heart and friends.
Lightning’s sliding in.

Put down a little dot and you’ll forget.
Take a slice of your life and kiss it goodbye.
Hope you have a sailboat, heart and wind.
Stormy seas ascend.

Floating. You’re a shell walking.
I’ll ring your bell and stalk you.
Oh, young man, I’m taking you to hell.

I’ll confuse your people and
Make them think it was you and
Make you think it’s you,
While you think you’re not you.
I’ll make you so small, I’ll break you into a ball.

I wanted to get lost and leave it all.
I didn’t realize I’d already left.

I know that I’m back.
I can speak, feel and laugh.
I can’t lose it, her, dreams or them.
I’ll be a legend. Ladies, gents, place your bets.
Walk in my tracks. Follow me. We’re not there yet.

I didn’t think it could happen.
I got trapped. Thoughts spilled, out of whack.
I dropped myself and I bounced back.