By The Pool (8/2018)

Oh, little hotel room mansion.
Floating plastic lemons, sitting by the pool.
Wade in water by more water,
Not worried about not getting paid.

Black and white cartoons and answers.
I’ve never known how to take them.
By the water, in a pool, watching the weather,
I didn’t hear the question.

The Queen’s singin’, let it be.
She’s waitin’ until you come back to me.
Rock steady bass lines, she’s preaching.
Respect, think think, a brand new me.

What it is?

Humidity, lounged on a green coral seat.
Surrounded by screens putting it all out of reach.
Lemons floated in the storm,
While I sat back and watched it fall.

Old soul spills from new speakers.
A storm is falling, my mind’s on a mountain.
Her sound’s in my head.
I lounge here, with me. Pleasantly.
Write alone, waiting.
Let me have your rain and all of your lightning.