Comfortable (9/2018)

It’s flesh in front of black and white.
The one you think of every night.
The sting of a spring, floating away.
The one with whom you know you’re safe.
So you make yourself comfortable.

Morning, lift you through the window.
Locked it all up and forgot the code.
Sleeping, cabins, dream next to you.
Sunday, drinking the life that we’ve brewed.
One day we will be comfortable.

I’ll warm up the engine and we’ll go.
Somewhere, anywhere, I don’t know.
Sing old songs next to me at night.
‘I know I caught your eye.’
Blood moonlight, morning drive.

It’s heart in front of shine and gold,
The ones you’re with as you grow old.
You’ve always seem to know the way.
We’ll mark the ‘X’ and bury the safe,
Then we’ll make ourselves comfortable.

Puzzle pieces, together, apart.
Together, alone, it’s just the start.
Dreaming of those chairs on a beach,
With all the lessons time will teach,
And we will be so comfortable.

We miss signs and somehow make it.
State line, moonlight, morning drive.