Jump on Water (8/2018)

Hear these same songs in this same spot.
Nothing at all’s the same anymore.
It all feels so different.
Head to toe, connected.

Hammer and nails, miles of tile.
I’m out of myself and happy and free,
I guess I just wish you were right here, with me.

You can sell furniture, I can sell smiles.
We’ll go be ourselves just for a while.
I’ll see your eyes, you’ll feel my heart.
We’ll find the end and then we will start.

I’ll go jump on water, you can ride the wake.
You go out and travel, I’ll bake you a cake.
Find me when you’re ready.
Find me when you’re not.
They say I could have everything,
Your heart is all I want.

I saw your station, today at the park.
Oh, I love your light, the way I love your dark.
They were laughing. Tonight, lightning.
We’ll be laughing,
There’s no sense in trying to make sense of time.
In time we will be laughing.

Oh, these same songs in different cities.
So I can speak to you,
And hope that you hear me.

In time we’ll sing together.
In time we will be free.
In time we will be laughing.
In time we will be free.