Nothing Surrounding (8/2018)

I am not a liar, I just take my time.
I live on a wire, sometimes I am fine.

I am not a writer, I’m just wasting ink.
I swam in a fire, and then fell down my sink.

I spilled inside myself and this is all new.
I can feel my toes and I can’t find my blues.

I’m a little unclear.
I know what everyone’s thinking,
So I think people know what I’m thinking,
But they’re just confused. Blue.

Please tell me what other people see in me.
Please tell me what is happening.
Please tell me why I feel this way,
When I know everything’s ok.

I walk alone, I don’t run around.
I’m a little different.
Trust me, trusting.
I’ve only had three.

I am not like lightning, I don’t go away.
I do not like lying, what if I had stayed?

I am not a wonder. I was just confused.
I am not like thunder, I don’t want to scare you.

I walk outside myself to feel where I go.
I sit with the stars and they never know.

I peel it all off.
I climb to a cliff.
My feet leave
and I am released,
Bubbles and nothing surrounding me.
I am free.
Nothing on my mind for a minute.