Only Breathing (8/2018)

Before I ran into you,
I’d never stopped to meet me.
I bounced around inside myself,
Hoping to break free.

Sat in the back row and wrote it all down.
Wrote it all out before I found my sound,
And I don’t remember the writing.

Run around, cycles, stuck inside
‘Til you fall asleep for the first time.
On the ground, you watch and hide.
We’re all only breathing.

Bicycles dipping into summer.
We’re breathing.
We won’t ever wake up if we don’t sleep.
I never knew ‘til I woke up.
In so deep, I thought I’d never see.
The best love I ever had, please don’t leave.
I am me and now I sleep.
I got up the other day.
It was a Tuesday.
The desert sky was weeping, we were leaving.
One of those days where we wake up.

Before I knew you,
I never knew me.
The sky was crying.