Rapids and Ripples (8/2018)

He could build a big beard, grab a sleeve, run away.
Get a dog and a van, have no plans, have all day.
Shout, ‘I’ve never felt so free. Look at me.’

But, honestly, anybody can do that.
How many others do you make feel that free?
Do you bring nothing? Do you bring glee?
Do you live so selfishly?
All about me?

Today he’s not ‘anybody’.
Works through it and sails away,
Once everyone’s in and ready.

One day, not right now.
He’s just got too much to get out.
Too many souls to stir and smiles to bring,
Tears to cry and songs to sing.
That, and he’s never been known to run away.
Easy way out brings doubt, he works through it.
Doesn’t know what he’s doing.

He’d still get a dog though.
He’d be a rock.
And then he’d roll.
Just waiting for what happens,
Maybe something’s about to happen.

He could float down a canyon,
Wasting all of his days.
Moving with water and blowing away.
Say, ‘have you ever felt so free?’
Have you ever laughed so hard
That you left your feet?
That’s what it’s all about, filled glasses.
He ignored all the classes.
Rapids and ripples, to him, are the same.
He knows he’ll get away one of these days.
He’ll still float when he can, though.
He’ll still float every day.

Rapids and ripples, like days, are the same.