Real Around January (8/2018)

Needles weeping under bridges with stars.
People, passengers stuck in cars
They don’t understand where we’re headed.

We move with the speed of sound.
We dance through hurricanes,
No matter how loud.

Sit and smoke on tables in alleys, it’s morning.
Artwork, alleys, talking, tables. Life.
Discussions of shedding skin,
Not dreaming.
Dreams stopped being dreams around January.

Pill pop rockstars, it’s the middle of the day.
They’ll go so hard, it’ll all go away.
Discussions of way back when,
While they’re dreaming.
I knew it was real around January.

People sweep themselves into corners,
Sweeping people under rugs.
They don’t take any chances,
They don’t get any hugs.

He’s staring at the light.
I’m walking on cement.
He’s standing in the rain and he’s not getting wet.

Warriors and fighters. Lovers and laughers.
Sand on our toes, we’re planning.
It’s only time and miles before
It’s our turn to smile.
I knew it was real around January.