Stacked Storms (8/2018)

Below your toes, just above your waist.
Inside, find bottom. You dig in, escape.
Under the clouds, ahead of the night.
Outside, jump in. Take the biggest dive.

To the right of those and just above a bed.
Beneath the thoughts that crawl inside your head
You walk a trail on top of this shelf.
Looking down, you’re smiling at yourself.

Show whites through a storm that I just got out of.
Small, but built so strong that she’s never over.
I basically ate up the trail.
Me, messily.
Wade carefully.
Stone’s slippery.
Focus your eyes and feel you breathe.
You and you are all you need.
I left all of the signs.

Take it so slow. Walk through all the waste.
You’ll feel the bottom before you escape.
Just past the marker that I colored in,
Where you see the light is not where it ends.

Grind your way out, find familiar touch.
If you get that lost, you’ll learn so much.
One day you walk in and realize you’re fine,
You see that you’ve still got all of your time.

Under an ear, deep inside a heart,
I take in what critics would call art.
On your rooftop, four feet go sing to stars.
We can see that we’ve come so far.
Never looking back.
All those storms that someone stacked.