Window Pane (9/2018)

When I walk to your window,
I see myself looking in.
Moving drops of melted snow
To find a fire burning
Near your warm and calming glow.

You see you outside of old frames.
You see your life moving in.
Icy roads, you dream of leaving.
Memories filtering
The cold air you’ve been breathing.

The sky slides softly into the ground.
You’re my old song, you’re my favorite sound.
The sky could crash when you’re around
And I’d know I am fine.

Why can’t I control time?
I’d feel I am fine.

Longing breath on the window,
You slowly fade away.
Fingerprints to pane. I see belief
That life will be better
Out there, just beyond the rain.

Time fixing up the old walls,
Mudding memories away.
Grey tee shirt and paint, please roll to me.
Your eyes smile and I breathe
As the snow becomes the rain.

South. City bound in the morning.
We could use a little rain.
I’m more of me when it’s both of us
And I can only see both of us
Through this window pane.

The sky could hit the ground.
You should be around.
Do you know you are fine?
Just take a little time.

I’ve always loved your rain.