Apricot Water (9/2018)

What if we didn’t worry?
What if we walked to the sun?
What if we took a weekend
and didn’t have any fun?

You left to set you free, but you just came undone.

Why do they always hurry?
Why don’t they stick around?
Why do we burn from both ends,
When we could just calm down?

They left gifts for us to find if we hit the ground.

I’ve got thirteen bucks, but I’m doin’ alright.
Hot, fan, paper, coffee means no sleep tonight.
Why didn’t I do this in the morning?
Spaced. Blank.
Somehow, I don’t know where I was right now.

People in the past tense catch
More than they could carry
And this old album’s bringing back time.

I don’t know why it takes them. Makes them leave
And leaves us on the ground.
One day, when I’m done, I know I’ll figure it out.
God’s got his devils and God won’t ask for help.
Is that what some people call it?

What if we never worried?
What if we all stuck around?
What if we make it a weekend?
What if we all calm down?