Morning Shows (9/2018)

Coat your throat.
Touch the sky.
Unroll the pool and float, so high.
Race on and on and you wanna slow down.

Days awake,
Up so high.
Float on the pool, unroll the sky.
Way, way out there and you wanna come down.

To the ground you found eight months ago.

Seas of colors in bed, you know?
Coloring ceilings, morning shows.
I’d be asleep, but I never fall.
Just toss and turn, so I see it all.

Grab the mail,
Small surprise.
Somehow four socks spark up two eyes,
Few steps back and you wanna calm down.

Go to work,
Rub your eyes,
Desert on socks, life’s great surprise.
Way, way up there. When are you comin’ down?

When you come down, come down.
Come down, take in this sky.