Purple Silence (9/2018)

I’d write every day if I had enough ink.
You gave me this pen and it’s starting to shrink.
I’m just trying to save it.

I’d live every day if I didn’t just think.
Got stuck with this head, so sometimes I sink.
I try not to water it.

Filling the holes, time gives it.
They go away, though you lived it.
So you deal with it
Or you leave it all behind.
Stut-stuttering, ‘that’s just in my mind.’

What’s in your mind?
You don’t have to keep it.

Set sail to tonight,
Storms and street lights surround.
Brought buckets and friends, so I won’t go down.
I didn’t want to risk it.

Set fire to the night.
Purple light, there’s no sound.
They’re dancing above, do you feel the ground?
They didn’t want to miss it.

Recycle the night and keep what you need.
Write on, write on though I’m all out of ink.
Buckets, sail, purple silence, repeat.