Hand Drawn World (9/2018)

Don’t make a sound and you’ll get people talkin’.
They say, ‘slow down.’ You say, ‘I’m only walkin’.’
Work before breakfast, past dinner.

Just scratching out a day.

Tell me, how long do we have ‘til it’s too late?
Tell me you believe in this more than fate.
I’m having breakfast for dinner.

Just drawing out a day.

It gets so late, then too tired to be tired.
Busy becomes normal, normal brings insane
And colors start to find their own way.

Come in, try out our little hand drawn world.
Lime squeeze, tin, begin. Easy.
It’s our little hand rolled world.
Two feet on. Jump right in, appease me.

Far gone girl. Hand drawn world.
Two feet on, it’s waiting.
Get people talkin’, never too late,
Walkin’ past breakfast, just right of fate.

Little sizzlin’ hand drawn world.